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Happy and proud of myself, my future is about to change!

Happiness. That’s how I can describe my current situation. After months of hard work, attending a B2 German course and applying to the same apprenticeship in different companies, I finally got the news that I was waiting for.

On August 1st I’ll start an apprenticeship as Specialist for system integration (Fachinformatiker für Systemintegration).

Of course, I also have a hundred feelings, including being nervous, excited and challenged. I’m very proud of myself because I never gave up, with the persistence and setting my goals I’m finally content.

I want to thank all the work, support and suggestions that I received from Step Up! After analyzing all the results from my test and looking trough the folder that they gave me, I made a list of the apprenticeships that fits the most to me. The first place was for Fachinformatiker für Anwendungsentwicklung, however after aplying to this area of IT my skills where not good enough to fit in to the profile. I remember I liked to repair electronics, in several times I disassembled our printer and fixed changing some sensors, I also replaced the LCD screen of our mobile devices and was on charge of keeping our systems up to date. Because of this, I decided to give my best and apply to this apprenticeship.

Thank you all! My life and future is about to change. New challenges will come and I’m sure with my patience, skills and persistence I will continue reaching my dreams.


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